Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Given a chance to change the world, I would...

"...travel to all countries in need and stay for 2 years each. I would teach children to learn and bring food to all in need of food. And provide shoes for everyone without shoes." - age 10

"...help broke people and families on the verge of breaking. Also, I would make food for people who need help. Plus, I would get homes and better places to live for poor families." - age 11

"...build parks and playgrounds for underprivileged children and sanctuaries for endangered animals." - age 11

"...put the movie Pay it Forward into action!!" - age 12

"...donate money to Japan and Haiti. I would also be as nice as I can." - age 10

"...become a vet to help endangered animals." - age 10

"...get rid of money and make it a you need/I need environment." - age 12

"...try to solve all problems, like world hunger." - age 10

I'm so proud of these Alluem Kids!!!

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