Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Yoga!

Remembering Halloween 2010 with the Alluem Kids!!

Please note there will be no 3:45 Tween class on Halloween Day. Class will be rescheduled on Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 3:45. If you can not make that time slot, please come to the Sunday Tween class at 11:15am. Thank you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall with Friends

We are constantly changing - on and off the mat. Some days we're on the ball at school or work - conquering whatever may come our way! Some days we just want to go back to bed and start over. Some days we can stretch deeply coming into a full wheel, but sometimes we just may not be feeling it. Some days we may be so steady in our tree pose, but sometimes we may fall out. Every day our bodies respond differently depending on what is going on in our lives or what we may be feeling inside and that's okay. Our bodies change every day and change can be hard. Change can be confusing. Change can be uncomfortable. But change can be easier with friends.
Introducing "The Little Yellow Leaf" by Carin Berger. The Little Yellow Leaf is afraid of change. One by one he watches all the other leaves fall from the great oak tree. "I'm not ready yet." he thinks. "Not yet. Not yet. Not yet."
The season changes and still the Little Yellow Leaf hangs on tightly. Why? What is he afraid of? Why won't he just let go? As yogis we practice the art of "letting go", the art of non-attachment. We gradually learn to let go of the things we are attached to - it is a process. The thing that most often keeps us attached to objects, people, or feelings - is fear. Fear of the unknown. And the way to conquer this fear is through understanding. Having awareness of our fears and compassionately observing them allows us to embrace them for what they are so that we can more easily let them go. Hiding these fears, keeping them inside or becoming ashamed of them is gives our fears power - makes them grow bigger. Sharing them with a friend and putting voice to these fears often helps...just like it did for the Little Yellow Leaf.
Just when the Little Yellow Leaf felt most alone, he spots a scarlet flash on the other side of the tree - a leaf, just like him, holding on to the great oak tree. "You're here?" called the Little Yellow Leaf. "I am," said the Little Scarlet Leaf. "Like me!" said the Little Yellow Leaf. Neither spoke. Finally..."Will you?" ask the Little Scarlet Leaf. "I will." said the Little Yellow Leaf. And one, two, three, they let go and soared! Together.
It is so much easier with a friend. The Alluem Kids found that out as they reflected on the last thing they were afraid to let go of - whether it was a toy or favorite shirt they've out grown, moving on to the next grade, moving to a new town, saying good bye to a pet - all agreed it's easier when you can share your feelings and fears with a family member or friend. And what better way to celebrate our friends then...partner poses of course!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall/Winter Session!

Registration for Fall/Winter Session is open!
8 Week Session with Karen starts the week of Nov. 6th!

Alluem Tweens (ages 10-12):
Sundays: 11:15am-12:15pm
or Mondays: 3:45-4:45pm

Alluem Kids (ages 7-9):
Sundays: 12:30-1:30pm
or Thursdays: 3:45-4:45pm - * Class filled
or Tuesdays: 3:45-4:45pm
*Due to the overflow of returning students in this age group, we will be opening up an additional class time on Tuesdays from 3:45-4:45pm for this session only in lieu of a waiting list.

Alluem Little Kids (ages 4-6):
Sundays: 10:00-11:00am
or Wednesdays: 3:45-4:45pm

$96 per 8 week session*
4 student minimum/15 student maximum
Register online - - workshops tab
All fees and packages are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Any classes not used in the duration assigned are forfeit. Students may make-up missed classes in another class of their age group only.

*Please note: There will be no classes on 11/23, 11/24, 11/27, 11/28, 11/29, 12/20, 12/21, 12/22, 12/25, 12/26, & 1/1 due to holidays.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Very Cranford Weekend

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported at the Centennial Village Music Fest AND the Cranford Street Fair! I love the way this community comes together!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Surviving Hurricane Irene for the Little Ones

Free Support Group for Preschool Age Children and Their Parents

Cranford Community Center - Rooms 205 & 206

220 Walnut Ave. Cranford

Please take advantage of the Counseling Services provided by Trinitas Regional Medical Center this month. This is a free support group to help Preschool age children cope with the after-effects of Hurricane Irene. Parents will meet at the same time in the room next door to share their own feelings and learn ways to help their children adjust to changes brought on by the hurricane.

The group will meet on Tuesday, October 4th and Tuesday, October 11th from 4:30-5:30pm.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Child Health Day - October 3rd

Child Health Day is a national observance intended to highlight the importance of children’s health in the United States. This year’s theme, Helping Children Lead Healthy Lives, reminds us that nothing is more important than the health of our children. Many times when we think about health, we may think only of germs, viruses, illnesses. While protecting our children from these things is important, especially now that they are back in school and exposed to a lot more, it is also important to make sure our children are healthy in mind and spirit as well. Your body hears everything your mind thinks. Staying positive and open keeps the whole self healthy.

Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You is a great book to help tweens learn how the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. It is a great lesson on health for the whole self. Filled with tools to encourage young people to become aware of their bodies, their breath, their self esteem, how they show up in the world. It's all about self care. The sooner kids learn how to live a more balanced life, the better and brighter their future will be.

Enjoy some downloads from the book through Free Spirit Publishing:
Mind, Body, Spirit
A Note to Parents
Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You correlates with the National Health Education Standards.