Sunday, October 2, 2011

Child Health Day - October 3rd

Child Health Day is a national observance intended to highlight the importance of children’s health in the United States. This year’s theme, Helping Children Lead Healthy Lives, reminds us that nothing is more important than the health of our children. Many times when we think about health, we may think only of germs, viruses, illnesses. While protecting our children from these things is important, especially now that they are back in school and exposed to a lot more, it is also important to make sure our children are healthy in mind and spirit as well. Your body hears everything your mind thinks. Staying positive and open keeps the whole self healthy.

Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You is a great book to help tweens learn how the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. It is a great lesson on health for the whole self. Filled with tools to encourage young people to become aware of their bodies, their breath, their self esteem, how they show up in the world. It's all about self care. The sooner kids learn how to live a more balanced life, the better and brighter their future will be.

Enjoy some downloads from the book through Free Spirit Publishing:
Mind, Body, Spirit
A Note to Parents
Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You correlates with the National Health Education Standards.

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