Thursday, March 26, 2015

Embody Love at Alluem Yoga!

We are excited to share that Melody Moore, the visionary and founder of the Embody Love Movement, will be visiting Alluem Yoga next month!!!!!

Two years ago I traveled to Texas, the home of Embody Love Movement, to immerse myself in a weekend long facilitator training that has made a HUGE impact on my life. The lessons learned and discussions had have since influenced my teaching, changed the language I use with adolescents and peers and shaped the relationship with myself and my body.

Inner Beauty Shops have been popping up for the tween and teenaged girls over the past couple of years here at the studio and now it's time to spread the LOVE!
This training can be applied in your work, in your classroom, in your home, with your children, with your families, with your friends and the relationship with yourself. You'll walk away with the Embody Love Curriculum to use in a group setting or one-on-one - and maybe that is something you do or maybe it's something you never do - but simply being there having the discussions, being part of the revolution and knowing that there are so many women working towards the same mission of self-acceptant, health and empowerment is well worth it!

See details below!!
Click on the link and sign up today!