Thursday, October 3, 2013

Embody Love Movement

Since attending the Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive with Off the Mat Into the World in 2011, I have been continuously inspired by the Off the Mat community. Every leader and beautiful soul that emerges from this community never ceases to do anything but amaze me...each with his or her own story and light. I had not known Melody Moore at the time, but her story, that I read in an online article a couple years back, really hit home. I was captivated by the Embody Love Movement she spoke of and was thrilled to hear that the integrative treatment approach of psychotherapy, yoga and nutrition for eating disorders was being combined into one facility. Having gone through my own recovery process using the same treatment means, I could not even begin to imagine how wonderful it would be to head to one center where I could feel safe and understood and where all my needs could be met. What a gift this is for girls who struggle the same.

Most recently, I had the honor of meeting Melody and attending the Inner Beauty Shop Facilitator Training which was held at the Embody Love Center. The training offered me something I didn't know I had inside of me...and that was a voice for change. I had immersed myself into this weekend long training where I would leave feeling empowered and completely prepared to be part of this revolution Melody and her team are creating. The vision of unconditional love and acceptance and living a life of meaning and purpose that Melody has set out to bring to her clients, is now spreading to the people she is training to share the Embody Love Movement to thousands of girls across the nation. I am honored to know Melody and to be part of this movement!

I am even more excited to be bringing the Inner Beauty Shop to Alluem Yoga next month for girls ages 11-12! Space is limited so sign up today on the website: (click on the workshop tab and scroll down).