Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

I think we all need a pep talk! :) This made my day.  

The Alluem Kids will be sure to see this in the coming classes!
 So inspired - I put together a worksheet so the kids can get to DOING!
Check out Kid President's website for more great videos and interviews!:  www.kidpresident.com

Monday, January 14, 2013

Inside & Out

They're giggling, they're texting, they're fixing each other's hair. They're wearing mis-matched socks and friendship bracelets. They are brave and bold. They are opinionated and impressionable. They are young and beautiful inside and out. They are teenagers and they have no idea that what they're about to experience may make an impact on their lives forever.
When lululemon athletica in Springfield first approached us with this event, Inside & Out: strength.confidence.beauty, I couldn't have been more excited. The layout of the workshop and the topics they presented are the exact reason I started teaching yoga. Along with a fun and heart-warming yoga class, there would be three inspirational women from the community who would share their journey in redefining beauty and confidence...women who have overcome major obstacles in their teens such as cancer, eating disorders, drugs and the everyday teenage transitions. And share they did. As the event began, each stood in front of the gathering of around 50 people, between teenagers and supporters, and spoke their truth. 
In life we are often called to speak our truth. 
They brave ones actually do.
Open, honest, raw stories. Speaking from the heart. Sharing in a way that could impact a life whether they realize it or not. One sentence, one word that comes from the heart can make a difference. And that was the goal of the afternoon. To inspire through stories, to bring hope, to bring strength, to bring healing, to bring together a community of young women in support of one another. In support of themselves. In yoga we challenge our selves on the mat - physically through asana and pranayama and mentally through meditation. We learn how our bodies and our minds deal with these challenges so that when we move off our mats, we can fearlessly face our challenges with a compassionate understanding and an unbelievable strength. 
As we moved into the yoga class lead by Nicole Traum and Anne Britt, you could see genuine openness of the teens shine through. Listening for instruction, listening to their bodies. Moving and breathing the best way they know how. Laughing, connecting, working together with their friends, both new and old. Finding peace in their bodies and in their minds. Knowing they are beautiful just as they are - inside and out.
                               Accepting. Embracing. Being.

I cannot tell you how inspired I was leaving the studio this day. Inspired by ALL the teens that rolled out their mats and opened their hearts. Inspired by Jackie, Jaclyn and Yulady for sharing their stories. Inspired by Nicole, Anne and Lululemon Athletica Springfield Avenue, especially Megan and Eliza, for bringing this event to our community. Inspired to go and share my own story. This is what yoga is all about. This is what fills my heart. This is why we do what we do. We are all so truly blessed. Thank you to all involved. xo

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inside & Out: strength.confidence.beauty.

Calling all teen girls!  
Alluem Yoga and lululemon athlectica are coming together to share in the conversation of self-esteem with teen girls. Inspirational women from our local community share stories & insight of their journey with self-esteem, followed by an incredible yoga class and a chance to lock in all the love with some fun snapshots. Invite your friends, sisters, daughters, students! 
Suggested for age 13-17, this FREE event at Alluem Yoga promises to be a life-changer. 
Saturday, January 12th - 3:00-5:30pm

For more info, visit the Facebook Event Page 
Register online: alluemyoga.com - workshops tab