Friday, February 21, 2014

Sending Out Love

This Valentine's Day after a classroom visit to Mrs. Frayne's 5th graders at Orange Ave. School, my heart could not be fuller. For many of the kids, it was their first time stepping on a yoga mat, let alone taking in concepts of slowing down, opening their hearts and listening to their breath. Pushing all the desks to the edges of the room, we made space to move, laugh, and have fun with the practice. We talked about love, gratitude, and being aware of ourselves and those around us. In the crowded little classroom of kids, teachers, parents and the Valentine's Day party treats that were to follow, what I didn't realize was happening, is how much they were taking in. They took in so much, their hearts prepared themselves to give back.

Each child was encouraged to go home and buy a yoga mat that they could donate to the studio's mission - Yoga Mat: Journey to Haiti. On each mat they donated, they wrote a letter to the person at Project Zen (Haiti's only yoga studio) who would receive their mat...letters that were so well written I had to stop my day and read every single word. My heart smiled big that day. How could it not?!
THANK YOU to my new little friends! Keep opening your heart to small acts that make a big difference!