Monday, December 16, 2013

The Giving Keys

After recently finding an antique skeleton key amongst my parent's knick-knacks, I have become slightly obsessed with the intricately made keys from the good old days (this also around the time I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close for the first time - a story of a boy whose discovery of a key in his deceased father’s belongings sets him off on an urgent search across NYC for the lock it will open).
I've started collecting them, for no known purpose yet, other then to marvel at what may have been their history. I like to believe these are keys with a story. Keys that have been carried by one or many that have unlocked places we call home or trunks filled with keepsakes or forgotten doors. I like to think by holding on to these keys, I hold on to their memories...and maybe even keep the memories a live.
Then I found The Giving Keys. A pay it forward type of company. Love those. The Giving Keys exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness to make jewelry out of repurposed keys that get sold and shared around the world. They are hand stamped with a one word message of hope. I've been wearing the key of "health" for my remember just how delicate our health is, just how quickly disease can take over the body, and maybe in hopes that he holds on to what good health is left in him.
If you're on my Christmas list this year, you might just be getting a Giving Key. Create a little history of your own. Wear the key for as long as you need. When you encounter someone that needs the message on the key more then you do, give it away and keep it going. Share the love.
"Like old keys, we might feel used and discarded, but we all have the ability to unlock potential. Potential to transform our pain into stories of redemption."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

It's that time of the year where the Elf on the Shelf comes out to watch our kids (not creepy at all!!)! I've seen numerous Facebook posts of all the trouble those elves are getting into these days...making snow angels in the sugar bowl, having snowball fights with marshmallows, building igloos in the ice cube tray...these elves are out of control! ;-)
I recently came across a positive spin on the Elf on the Shelf that teaches kindness, gratitude and love...and well, I'm all about teachable moments in our every day lives when it comes to our kids!
Check out the Kindness Elves at The Imagination Tree:
Start sometime new this year!!!
  • They will arrive in our home and have been sent to share some love and magic at Christmas time.
  • They will only be sharing kind ideas and noticing things that are lovely. There will be no focus on negativity, but they will still be lots of fun and silliness too!
  • They will be moved somewhere different each morning, sometimes in funny situations and positions, often next to an item that we need for that day’s kindness activity e.g. inside a mixing bowl ready to bake some cookies as a gift.
  • They will be holding little suggestions for acts of kindness, love or helpfulness that we can do together that day for e.g. “Let’s collect some of your toys and give them away to the children’s hospital”, “let’s make some cookies for the neighbors”, “shall we visit an elderly friend/ relative?” etc.
  • When they see the children doing kind and lovely things, they will leave a little note for them to find in the morning e.g. “Oh I loved it when I saw you sharing your new book with your little sister” or “you were very kind to help your Mommy load the dishwasher!” etc.
  • Some mornings they may wake up to find the elves have lined up their shoes, tidied their coats, got the breakfast things ready or fixed a broken toy etc. Modelling direct ways to be kind and helpful as a prompt for the children in the day.    
Read the whole article here: Kindness Elves

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never Give Up.

I've never seen a 5 year old try so hard to get herself into pose. Peacock is not a pose I've ever taught to anyone under 10, but while waiting for class to start, she began trying to make herself float! You go!!
"Fall down 7 times, get up 8." - Japanese Proverb

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Embody Love Movement

Since attending the Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive with Off the Mat Into the World in 2011, I have been continuously inspired by the Off the Mat community. Every leader and beautiful soul that emerges from this community never ceases to do anything but amaze me...each with his or her own story and light. I had not known Melody Moore at the time, but her story, that I read in an online article a couple years back, really hit home. I was captivated by the Embody Love Movement she spoke of and was thrilled to hear that the integrative treatment approach of psychotherapy, yoga and nutrition for eating disorders was being combined into one facility. Having gone through my own recovery process using the same treatment means, I could not even begin to imagine how wonderful it would be to head to one center where I could feel safe and understood and where all my needs could be met. What a gift this is for girls who struggle the same.

Most recently, I had the honor of meeting Melody and attending the Inner Beauty Shop Facilitator Training which was held at the Embody Love Center. The training offered me something I didn't know I had inside of me...and that was a voice for change. I had immersed myself into this weekend long training where I would leave feeling empowered and completely prepared to be part of this revolution Melody and her team are creating. The vision of unconditional love and acceptance and living a life of meaning and purpose that Melody has set out to bring to her clients, is now spreading to the people she is training to share the Embody Love Movement to thousands of girls across the nation. I am honored to know Melody and to be part of this movement!

I am even more excited to be bringing the Inner Beauty Shop to Alluem Yoga next month for girls ages 11-12! Space is limited so sign up today on the website: (click on the workshop tab and scroll down).

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hoop Yoga!

Hula Hooping is a great tool for connecting with your body, which is what we strive to do in yoga! Grounding your feet into the earth for stability, being mindful of your surroundings, utilizing core strength, and feeling the hoop rotate the circumference of your body - all aids in achieving body awareness. And what better way to teach a child about body awareness then through play! The Alluem Kids had a great time hooping it up at this year's Hoop Yoga Workshop!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sea Shell Yoga

What better way to celebrate the summer with than with Sea Shell Yoga! 
It was a fun filled hour and a half of under the sea themed yoga inspired by Eric Carle's book, "A House for a Hermit Crab" - exploring the challenges of growing up, facing change and the practice of non-attachment...just like hermit crabs! Throw in some Crab Tag, a Sea Glass Meditation and some shell painting and you've got Sea Shell Yoga!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Down Doll Yoga

Grab your favorite doll and decorate a mini yoga mat for her! Prepare to practice side by side with her! Learn partner yoga poses that you can practice at home as well as bitty balances, tiny twists and mini meditations to do with your doll! Top it off with a Tea Party and Down Doll Yoga is complete! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Off the Mat Kids Camp

Another amazing week of camp at Alluem Yoga!
This camp for 10-12 year olds is based on the Yoga in Action program through Off the Mat into the World ( - using yoga to inspire change and growth through awareness of the world around us, consciousness of what's going on inside of us, support of community - locally and globally. We take an inspirational look into how the little things in life - a smile, a kind word, a simple deed - can help change the world in a big way...encouraging the Alluem Kids to be strong in body, mind and heart!
I must say...this group of girls was absolutely AMAZING! The theme of the camp was being brave...brave in recognizing our strengths and our limits, brave in offering to support and positive communication to friends and family, brave in finding a sense of community and brave in opening our eyes to what is going on in the world.
The girls were even brave enough to show what they've got - their favorite yoga poses, best dance moves and shining personalities! Enjoy our music video (Sara Bareilles would be so proud)!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad, My Hero

"My dad is not a superhero. He cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound. He does not have super strength. He cannot see through walls. He cannot run faster than a speeding bullet. But there are lots of things he CAN do. My dad is super. My dad is my hero."
There are superheroes all around us. We don't need to look up in the sky or to the side of a building. We need to only look right in our own homes. There is no greater hero than a dad. Joseph Campbell once said that a hero is someone who has given his life and his heart to something bigger than himself. That is a dad - a dad who would do anything for his family, a dad who would be there to pick you up when you fall, a dad who would show you the way, a dad who would always back you up, a dad who would celebrate your accomplishments, a dad who would protect you from your fears, a dad who would believe in you before you ever even believed in yourself. This is a hero. This is my dad.
My dad collapsed on a hot summer day almost 4 years ago while helping a friend build a ramp and just like that our lives would change. He was rushed to the hospital where they found his white blood cell count was through the roof. I remember hearing the word Leukemia, but I don't think it sunk in immediately. It couldn't be true. My dad never appeared sick. My dad never complained. My dad took care of me and my brother and my mom every day. My dad went to work in the same hospital for 36 years, handling each one of the patients he x-rayed with care. My dad wasn't sick. But he was. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. The cancer was in his blood and in his bone marrow. Then his lymph nodes and eventually, his spinal cord and brain. The past 6 months have been spent in and out of hospitals with blood infections, clots, pneumonia...and finally he is home. Hospice.
I read the description...Haven Hospice provides medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support for patients and families who are experiencing life threatening illness. Among the most comprehensive hospice programs in New Jersey, Haven provides services to patients in the comfort of their own home. The interdisciplinary hospice team is comprised of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, counselors, volunteers and clergy. The team manages the patient's physical and spiritual pain, and offers instruction, guidance, and support to family members, significant others, and caregivers. 
My heart has never felt so heavy. The choice to do hospice is never an easy one, but the doctors all agreed it was time. His body just couldn't take anymore. He is happy to be home with family and visitors. He is comfortable and we are grateful for every day we have together. My dad is super. While he may not be able to leap tall buildings, I am happy when I can help him stand up. While he has lost almost all his muscle and about 60 pounds, his strength is still astounding. And while he may wear a hospital gown instead of a cape, he is still a superhero to me. I love you, Poppy-seed. Happy Father's Day. This year, I am grateful.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boys Yoga: Ashtanga

The energy that comes out of a boys yoga class is amazing! Boys yoga can be loud! Boys yoga can be wild! Props can become weapons if you turn your back and when you see the smallest yogi in the class being dangled by his feet, "I was just helping him with his handstand!" is not an acceptable answer. Boys can also harness that energy and find focus when given the opportunity in a safe, nurturing, non-competitive environment. 
Introducing Ashtanga...introducing control without force...introducing discipline without yelling...introducing challenge without threat...introducing self-reflection without judgement. The boys in yesterday's class took to the Ashtanga practice like I've never seen before. Ashtanga, founded by K. Pattabhi Jois, is a set of 26 poses based on "99% practice and 1% theory." Improvement is shown in the body and the mind as you move through the same series week after week. It even becomes very meditative once the body's muscle memory kicks in and you know where to go. We started by watching a demo video of Ashtanga master David Swenson, doing some pretty extreme poses. The boys mouths were all agape and eyes were wide. We talked about how yes, some people are naturally flexible and can throw themselves into a pose with ease. But while they're there, their minds may start to lose focus and their minds may start to wander...what's for dinner? They need to stay centered and keep working to go even further. Then we talked about how the majority of the yoga world has to work towards achieving these poses, even David Swenson! They have to practice week after week to gain flexibility and strength. They have to remain focused in the pose to check in with their bodies to see if they can go further or if they need to ease up. They remain engaged in what they are doing to stay in the present moment. This is the practice of yoga.
After a couple rounds of Sun Salutations and a modified Ashtanga practice, the boys settled into a deep Savasana (final rest). No squirming, no giggling, no poking their neighbors. Just rest. I was so proud of them. They all stayed so focus, figuring out how to get into each pose, following breath instruction, not getting frustrated, but accepting where they were and challenging themselves to go further. This yoga is a practice. We don't know unless we try and we'll never get there unless we keep trying. Way to go, boys!!! Best class ever!!!

BONUS!: For the rest of the month, I will be covering the adult Ashtanga class. 
Come practice with me Tuesdays from 6-7:15pm!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those awesome moms out there!!!
The Alluem Kids had a nice restorative class today (in hopes they would return home to their moms a little calmer...did it work?!? I try...)). While the little kids hand printed their way into their moms heart, the tweens prepared lavendar eye pillows for their moms...don't worry we tested them out to make sure they were good. And they were. Awesome.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Be Strong

When someone tells you to be strong, what do you think of?
Do you think of a strong body...exercising, eating healthy, drinking water, getting plenty of sleep?
Do you think of a strong mind...thinking positively, honoring your feelings, having confidence?
Do you think of a strong heart...being compassionate and kind, doing the things you love, standing up for what you believe in?
Being strong is all of these things, but most of all I think being strong is knowing yourself - body, mind and heart. And when you know yourself, you know your strengths, you know your limits. Part of being strong is knowing when to ask for help. It's good to recognize when things may be too big so you can ask for help from a family member, teacher, coach or someone you trust...someone you can draw strength from. 
Introducing the Tree of Strength:

Trees draw strength from the sun, the land, the water - all things that help them grow and stand strong. Think of yourself as a tree - your body is the trunk encasing your heart and holding your head up, your legs are the roots, your arms are the branches reaching up. 
What are the things you do to keep yourself strong? Is it doing yoga, playing sports, dancing, running, bike riding? Is it eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water? Is it getting enough sleep or taking time to just sit and relax? Is it doing things you love like writing, drawing, reading, being creative?  Is it doing things that make you smile - being with friends, laughing, playing, singing, or just being silly? There are lots of ways to keep your body, mind, and heart strong! And often times it is the people in our lives who help keep us strong - mom, dad, grandparents, coaches, teachers, mentors. After all, we are all here to help each other!
Keep your tree handy. Hang it up! Often times we forget that we are capable of doing all sorts of things to stay strong or that we have so many people in our lives who are there for us. Knowing that  you are never alone, no matter what happens in life, will always make your heart smile! :)

And by request...
The Alluem Tween "Be Strong" Playlist:

- Stand Together - Hayley Reardon
- This is Me - Demi Lovato
-Stand By Me - Majors & Minors
- Brave - Sara Bereilles
- Sunshine & City Lights - Greyson Chance
- Shooting Stars - Owl City
- Live Like a Warrior - Matisyahu
- Living in the Moment - Jason Mraz
- Better Together - Jack Johnson
-The Climb - Hannah Montana
- Tribe - Hayley Reardon

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Yoga with the Alluem Kids!

Easter is a time of faith, hope and new life. It's a great time to go outside and see the world as it wakes up from a long winter nap  - the leaves starting grow on the trees, the flowers blooming, the warm spring breeze and the birds coming back to greet us with the morning sun. It's also a great time to notice a spring change in yourself....
-Start in Child's Pose - rounding your spine with arms alongside your body - shaped like an egg. It's tradition at Easter Time to decorate and dye eggs to make them festive and fun. Imagine yourself as a painted Easter Egg. What color would you pick? Would you have a fancy design? Stripes, spots, tye die? Would you have glitter, sparkles or glow in the dark? Or maybe your comfortable just being plain? (Have you walked down the Easter themed aisles in the supermarket recently? Glitter Magic, Sand Blast, Rockin' Designs, Neon and my favorite - 3D Eggsplosion! What happen the normal every day solid colors and a wax crayon?? Sure, these kits are fun, but where has simplicity gone?)
I find that often times we treat ourselves like Easter Eggs. We decorate ourselves with the latest clothes or latest hairstyles. Carrying around the latest iGadget into the pockets of the latest style of jeans. Maybe trying to be cool for our peers at school - trying to fit in and be accepted. We forget that sometimes we can be more comfortable just simply being who we are.
-As you sit in Child's, imagine trying to crack out of your shell - your shell representing what you try to be for other people, forgetting that's what's inside matters most. Take a few moments to connect to your breath. Your breath is the thing that grounds you, calming you inside. Gently start to breathe deeper, stretching your arms out in front of you, grounding your palms and as slowly as you can coming up to hands and knees. As you move through Cat n' Cow, recognize how good it feels to just be and move in the body you were given as it is, still connecting to your breath, the breath that is always constant.
-Continue to move into a practice that awakens the body getting you ready for Spring!

The Alluem Kids had a great time celebrating the season! 
What's Easter Yoga without Bunny Ears?!
While the Alluem Tweens hunted for eggs filled with Yoga Poses written on Jelly Bean Shaped Cards, which they later sequenced together for a nice flow that they proudly named and taught the class...
The Alluem Kids were climbing Easter Mountain, searching high and low for eggs filled with Yoga Poses...
...pausing only to mindfully listen during Egg Shake (a game modified from Yoga in My School's "Sounds Right" game) bringing focus and concentration in the midst of all this fun!
And speaking of all this fun, the Alluem Little Kids had nothing but fun trying out some Partner Bunny Poses...
And taking time to relax with our Breathing Buddies. Floating our Duck Bunnies on our bellies riding our breath. So peaceful.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

Happy Spring Break!
 NO Alluem Kids Classes this week (3/25, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/31). There WILL however be Storytime Yoga this Thursday, 3/28. All are welcome! $5 drop-ins! 
In the meantime...enjoy some Yoga Bunny!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Yoga

I know what you're thinking...I want to be in THAT class! Easter Yoga! 
There is still space in the Spring Kids Session! 
Drop-ins welcome! ($15)
Sunday, March 24th
10am- Little Kids (ages 4-6)
11:15am- Tweens (ages 10-12)
12:30pm- Kids (ages 7-9)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haiti Beads

"The warm midday sun is shining in the clear blue sky and the Haitian school kids, dressed in matching uniforms, are walking home from school down the dirt roads. Some kids walk for up to two hours just to get to and from school. Every day is a half day for school kids in Haiti. The schools are so over-crowded because there are so many kids and so few school rooms to fit them. There are no organized after-school activities like clubs, scouts, dance or gymnastics. Some play soccer with a ball made out of rags in an open lot. Some play cards or dominoes if they have them. Many will sit around in the street and entertain each other with stories or songs acting as each others TVs...that's only if there is no work to be done at home...but there is always work to be done.
The house always needs water so that mother can cook and clean. There is no running water, so kids will carry a 5-gallon bucket to the nearest pump and fill it for their mother. Then they go back to the well with another bucket and carry it home, usually on their heads, so that they can bathe that evening. You stand behind your house, behind a bush to take your bath from a bucket. Many folks bathe out in the open with a pair of shorts. You rinse, you lather, you rinse again, and then dry off…then change into dry shorts. You can also find kids working in the gardens or chopping wood for the fires. If they have the chance, they will watch a tradesman while he does his craft to learn tips and tricks so that they may be an artist one day. Being an artist in Haiti, is like being a doctor or a lawyer in America. It is a well respect job to have that takes talent and skill. It is how most Haitians make their money. Sometimes when money is tight, which is almost always the case, and you don't have a trade to rely on, parents may chose to take their kids out of school, because in Haiti you must pay to go to school. It's a tough decision to make, especially if you want to get an education. So some kids learn a craft early on. One of the most popular...bead making. It is a great way for Haitians to use their resources, whatever they have around them or found on the streets...used cereal boxes cut up into strips and a stick to spin a bead.

There is a boy named Eddie. He is 14 years old and in grade 4. Eddie says, "I enjoy school and am getting good at English. I have one brother and two sisters. We live with our mother in a tent. Since our father left, it has been hard for my mother, so I am grateful for the chance to make some beads and sell them to help support my family. I love my mother more than any other person in this world."

There is a girl named Duprene. She is 11 yrs old and also in grade 4. Duprene says, "I am excellent in English and recently got an award for my English writing. One day I would like to become an interpreter. I live in a tent with my mother and three sisters. One of my sisters is disabled, and my father past away when I was five. I am working hard to make beautiful beads to raise money for my mother. Some days we cannot eat when there is no food, so any money I make helps."

Doing what you can with what you have is sometimes the only way for Haitians to survive - to fill their bellies, to keep a roof over their head, to keep clothes on their backs. And while they may have very little, they have strong spirits and big hearts. They do the best they can every day. That's all any of us can do."
After sitting in meditation, visualizing what it might be like to be a child in Haiti, thirteen of Alluem's young yogis between the ages of 10 and 12 came together to learn how to make beads out of cardboard, just as the children in Haiti do. I was able to share this trade with my students after my visit to Sonje Ayiti on my December Trip to Haiti with The Village Experience. I met a group of teenagers who welcomed me and my group into the new chicken coup, serving as their temporary studio, where they were diligently working on beautiful pieces of art made from up-cycled materials - beads, jewelry, ornaments, bags - truely amazing work. The teenagers were patient enough to teach us just how these pieces were made. With patience and persistence, I got the hang of spinning the cardboard into small beads and I absolutely loved it!! I knew I would have to share it with my students when I returned! 
As I watched my students take the time to sit and listen and learn about the culture and artistry of Haiti, I saw them gain a little more awareness and focus. They were determined to sit and try to spin the beads over and over. Some catching on right away...other struggling a bit, but not giving up! By the end of the hour and a half, I could see a sense of accomplishment on their face, a feeling of peace in their hearts and an awareness they may never forget. 
A great big THANK YOU to my friends at Sonje Ayiti! They are doing amazing work to empower their community and improving living standards of children and families through solidarity! Click here to learn more: Sonje Ayiti

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Summer Yoga Camp!

Summer Yoga Camp dates are here and registration is open!!! 
Register online- - workshops tab 
$180 per kid
(ask about our sibling discount!)

Alluem Kids Camp (ages 7-9yrs) - July 8th-11th - 2:30-5:30pm
At Camp Alluem Kids, children will enjoy an afternoon of yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques in a safe, nurturing, non-competitive atmosphere. This summer allow your child to learn about taking their practice off the mat and into the world. As we strengthen our bodies on the mat, we strengthen also our minds and our hearts. Yoga is more then just the poses - it's also about giving back - to ourselves, to each other, and to the world. Let them connect with nature by the river, with each other through partner poses and games, and with themselves through journaling, crafts, and of course yoga! $180/child~includes classes, crafts, journal and tee-shirt! 

Off the Mat Kids Camp (ages 10-12yrs) - July 22nd-25th - 2:30-5:30pm 
This summer why not learn how you can make a difference in this world. Off the Mat Kids Camp will teach the young yogi more about service and taking their yoga OFF the mat. Yoga is more than just the's about finding peace, giving back when you can and being the example to help make the world a better place. (4 yogi minimum, 10 yogi maximum) $180/child~includes classes, journal and tee-shirt! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hearts for the Homeless

Today's opening meditation:
"Eleven-year-old Devin eyes blink open in the back room of a suburban church. The clock reads 5 a.m. when his mother whispers that it's time to get up. His little sister and brother stir in their cots next to him. Two trash bags filled with the family's clothes are stashed in the corner; a tube of toothpaste, an alarm clock, a bottle of shampoo, and schoolbooks line the only table. For five days this has been home. In three more he will move again, to another church, to another cot in another room.
'Being homeless,' the fifth-grader explains, 'means you don't stay in one spot and have to move around a lot. It gets kind of confusing.'....
Devin pads sleepily into the church fellowship hall to fill a cereal bowl and finish a book report. He didn't get his homework done the evening before because it was shower night. Every other night the family is driven by church volunteers to a neighborhood rec center so they can use the locker rooms. The friendly boy with cropped blond hair and piercing eyes has switched schools eight times since kindergarten, moving from apartments to motels to shelters to friends' houses. He doesn't much like school, except for math. He wishes he could have sleepovers like the other kids....
'The church is okay, but I wish we had a house,' Devin says. He longs for a room to decorate with sports posters. His 9-year-old sister, Sierra, sometimes gets scared when they move; his 6-year-old brother, Conner, gets clingy....
Just before 6 a.m. the family of five steps into the predawn darkness to catch the series of buses that will take the kids to school. It is 75 minutes each way. Their mother gets off the bus with her kids at school to make sure they are on time. She has never missed a parent-teacher conference. After school she'll be there again. There's one things she always makes sure her kids know - that no matter what, they'll always have each other. They'll always be a family. And Devin knows this. So everyday before he leaves for school, he tells her he loves her." (To read the full article, visit: Homeless in the Suburbs)
Imagine for a moment what it would be like to live like Devin. To never know where you may sleep next, to have to move from place to place with only a garbage bag full of your belongings, to not have a room to call your own. Imagine for a moment you were homeless. What would that feel like? There are way too many kids just like Devin homeless in the US.
I like to believe home is in your heart. Who we are, what we love, the people in our lives, the things that make us happy, what makes us feel comfortable. When we find comfort in something, anything, we find that sense of home. The one things I pray for when I think of kids like Devin, is that where ever they go - be it a shelter, temporary housing, a church or school - is that they may find comfort, that they may find love, that they may find hope - so that they may find a home in their heart. Think about what message you would like to send these kids and their families. Messages of peace and hope and love.
Keep your heart open to those who have less, but who's hearts are open to receive love. Don't be sad or have pity. Have empathy. Be understanding of what it might be like. Think of what you can do to help - even if it is as simple as a Valentine's Day message. Little things make a big difference. And always be grateful for all you have in this life.

After reflecting and moving through a heart opening class, the Alluem Kids came together to make some inspirational Valentine's that will be strung to hang as Valentine's Day decorations at the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless. Alluem Yoga's Yoga in Action group will be hosting this year's Valentine's Day Party at St. Joseph's Soup Kitchen in Elizabeth, NJ....bringing the families dinner, dessert, favors, games and a sense of comfort. And love. We are so blessed to be a part of this evening with an amazing group of people. To spend time together and make true human connections. And the messages from the Alluem Kids will be the icing on the cake. So heart warming and comforting.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What you love will always be with you.

Happy Snow Day, friends! We love snow! Sledding, snow angels, fort making, snowballs! Endless fun! And it looks like there will be enough snow to make a new friend! Snowman making! But we all know snow doesn't last forever. Days pass by and what we create, starts to melt...even the amazing sculptures outside that home on Springfield Ave. in Cranford - I mean, have you seen these snow sculptures?! Holy cow!! But, inevitably, they melt and we must let go.
In prep for the expected blizzard this weekend, the Alluem Kids had a mini lesson on love and learning to let go. In "Making a Friend", Alison McGhee's heart warming story about a boy and his snowman friend, we learn that nothing that you open your heart to and care deeply for can ever disappear for good. "What you love will always be with you." You never forget your best snowman friend...he is with you in the spring fog, in the summer rain, in the fall frost, in a new winter’s snow—and always, always in your heart.
Spend some time with the ones you love. Take time to really BE with your family. Create some heart warming memories in the snow and take lots of pictures!! Snow-ga anyone??

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

I think we all need a pep talk! :) This made my day.  

The Alluem Kids will be sure to see this in the coming classes!
 So inspired - I put together a worksheet so the kids can get to DOING!
Check out Kid President's website for more great videos and interviews!: