Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alluem Kids Memorial Day

Remembering Memorial Day 2010 with the Alluem Kids! Remembering to take time this weekend to express our gratitude to all those brave hearts who laid down their lives to safeguard our nation. ♥
Look for Alluem Yoga in the Cranford Memorial Day Parade tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Session!

Registration for the Alluem Kids Summer Session is open! Register by June 1st!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Open Your Heart

Recently, I asked the kids what it means to have an open heart. We do a lot of heart opening poses when we practice yoga (bridge, cobra, camel, wheel), but as the kids constantly hear me say, yoga is more than just the poses.
There are three ways to open our hearts:
1- Back-bending.
2- Surgery (as one of my more literal students told me).
3- Awareness.
When we have awareness of the world around us, our hearts open up. We become empathetic to those around us. We realize if we continue to help each other in even the smallest ways, there will be more peace in this world. We use yoga as a tool to find peace in our own bodies and when we do, we open our hearts and we are more able to share that peace with those around us. Kids are often surprised to find out how open their hearts are after a round of one of my favorite games - Cross the Line.
In Cross the Line, kids are lined up in 2 rows facing each other behind 2 lines of tape and are posed with a series of statements. If the statement is true about them, they simply Cross the Line. They look around at the others, connect, and then step back.
For example:
-Cross the line if you've ever donate your clothes, shoes or coats to those who need them once you grow out of them.
-Cross the line if you've ever planted a tree.
-Cross the line if you've ever drawn a picture or made a card to cheer someone up.
-Cross the line if you've ever helped clean up part of your neighborhood.
-Cross the line if you've ever donated a book to your library.
-Cross the line if you've ever held a door for someone.
-Cross the line if you've ever took part in a run or walk for charity.
-Cross the line if you've ever welcomed a new student to your school.
-Cross the line if you've ever taken care of a sick animal.
-Cross the line if you've ever seen a piece of garbage on the ground and thrown it out. 
-Cross the line if you've ever applauded someone for a job well done.
-Cross the line if you've ever said please or thank you.
-Cross the line if you've ever prepared food for a homeless shelter.
-Cross the line if you've ever had a lemonade stand or garage sale and donated the money.
-Cross the line if you've ever shared your toys.
-Cross the line if you've ever helped in anyway you can.
You'll see a lot of smiles after this game and even find children standing a little taller when they realize all these things that our parents encourage us to do everyday are actually helping to make a change in this world. You'll see even more smiles when you tell kids that by using their talents they can help change the world in a BIG way...

Abbie likes to cook. She's going to open a Soup Kitchen to feed the homeless.

 Emily is an artist. She's going to hold an Art Auction for Charity.

Mikayla loves dogs. She's going to start an Animal Rescue Shelter.

Victoria wants to do it all. She's going to open center that helps the world and everyone in it. 
When we learn to give from personal experience - from using not only our time, but also our talents - we find a sense of joy in our hearts. We build awareness of the world around us. We encourage others to look within themselves and do the same. Our hearts open up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Partner Yoga Practice for Childbirth

Calling all Moms-to-Be! 
Check out this great workshop coming up with our amazing Prenatal teacher, Nicole Coons.