Monday, November 28, 2011

15 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 6 - My Art

With the Alluem "Art of Yoga" Workshop coming up this Saturday (Dec. 3rd) and the Art Auction Gala Event (Dec. 10th), I've been diving into my art head first! (Watercolor image above done today.) It's been so great taking time to unleash my creativity - painting, drawing, collaging! So much fun!! I'm so grateful for my art!
My recent inspiration has been Nadine LaFond...she is an accomplished singer, songwriter, visual artist, teaching artist and friend. She is an amazing light in this world and will be helping us with these 2 great events at Alluem!!! I can not wait! To learn more about Nadine, visit: Nadine LaFond - Kickstart

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