Wednesday, November 23, 2011

15 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 1 - Staying Young at Heart

“Everyone is the age of their heart.” ~ Guatemalan Proverb
Day one of the Gratitude Challenge and I couldn't be more grateful to be someone who is young at heart. I love when the kids ask how old I am...I always make them guess. Not too long ago, a 4 year old asked me if I was 15. I was tempted to say yes...because to be honest, sometimes that's how old I feel! And yes, sometimes that's how old I act! Yup, I said it!
I believe how you act when you're around kids has a lot to say about how old you are at heart. The hearts of children are playful, honest, and pure. They are full of imagination and joy. Some say our hearts harden as we get older IF we forget how to have fun, how to let go, how to dream, how to laugh, how to be free. To keep our hearts young, it's good to take a look at our own inner child - laugh, play, be silly!
Tonight I spent the evening with some of my oldest friends. Where did we go on this night before Thanksgiving?? To the movies of see The Muppets!!! Laughter filled the theatre with applauding at the end - the movie was GREAT! Jason Segel = hilarious!!! Want to stay young at heart - go see The Muppets!!
My favorite part...right here:

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