Saturday, December 4, 2010

Grateful for 30

My Cousin, Diana, has been keeping a blog for over a year now where she religiously posts at least one positive thing she was able to pull out of her day - every day. The blog is called: The Cup is Half Full. Love this blog and her dedication to literally sitting down each and every day to inspire the lives of others. She has surely inspired mine. For the month of November, she pulled together the 30 Days of Thanks where guest bloggers reflected on what they were thankful for. The point - to spread the cup is half full attitude and get the perspective of others. So real. So down to earth. So possible.
For my 30th birthday this past Dec. 1st, I was honored to post the 30 things I am grateful list could have went on and on, but I decided to stop at 30!
Thankful for Gratitude (And Turning 30)

Gratitude. Over the past month I've been taking the time to keep up with my
cousin's 30 Days of Thanks here on her blog. The gratitude that each individual
who posted shared is just awesome! I have LOVED reading these posts! When we
share what we are grateful for in life we are practicing gratitude. The practice
of gratitude takes much training, which I'm sure my cousin, Diana, can attest
for. Often times life can seem rough...there are endless lists to get to,
outstanding bills to be paid, jobs that are lost, hungry mouths to be fed,
diseases that need cures...that it maybe hard to see the positive in life. But
here my cousin sits down everyday for almost a year now and finds the positive
in it all. It takes effort. It takes training your mind to constantly make the
shift from dark to light - finding the good in even the most crappiest
conditions. To you, Diana, I say thank you. Thank you for taking the time and
the effort to starting this cycle of gratitude...with each post you share you
help the rest of us do the same. Yesterday I turned 30...and with all
the ups and downs over these past 30 years I am so grateful for this life....(click here to read more)


  1. Thank you so much cousin! I can't wait to see you over the holidays. I'm going to be working from home the week of the 20th, so I hope I can get some yoga in.


  2. “One of the most responsible things you can do as an adult is to become more of a child.”

    - Wayne W. Dyer