Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays from Rudolph and the Alluem Kids!

You may not know this, but Rudolph loves to meditate! It's good for him to sit still, clear his head, and prepare himself for that hard job of leading Santa's Sleigh around the world!
The Alluem Little Kids know that it is important to try to quite our minds (ever since our Meditation Owl project), but they also know it can be a challenge to sit and meditate in order to quiet our minds. Sometimes we need something to focus on or we may need to move. Sometimes it's a word or a sound we can repeat (a mantra) or it can be a slight movement such as touching each one of our fingers repeatedly to our thumb one after the other. It's a slight movement that may be just what we need to do to quiet the rest of our bodies.
The kids loved the Sa, Ta, Ma, Na Rudolph project we did as a Holiday Celebration! The cutting and pasting to make Rudolph acted as great single pointed focus to prepare them for meditation. They then traced their hands to use as antlers. On each of the fingers we wrote a common Mantra, "Sa, Ta, Ma, Na". Sitting tall and going through the mantras is a great way for the kids to go inside, focus, and listen...all of which is great practice for a growing child. (See Bog Post: Yoga Mudras)

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