Sunday, May 1, 2011

Working Together for a Brighter Future

People say they want peace. Peace in our schools, peace in our cities, peace in our country, peace in our world. Peace starts with the ability to stand together. When we work as one, there is so much more we can accomplish then when we stand divided. This week the Alluem Kids learned that this is possible with a little help from a small black fish named Swimmy.
Leo Lionni's wonderful book, Swimmy, tells the story of a deep sea full of wonders, but also full of danger. After Swimmy loses his first school of red fish to a large tuna, he finds a second school of red fish who have been busy hiding out from all of the wonders the sea has to hold because they are scared. Swimmy teaches the other fish that as long as they stick together and stay strong, they can overcome any danger. And they do. All the little red fish swim together in the shape of a big fish - with Swimmy, the little black fish, as the eye! They are able to live a peaceful, happy life because they worked together!
After partner poses, group poses, and group games, such as the Human Knot and Pass the Hoop, where working together for the same goal was key - the Alluem Kids came together to recreate Swimmy's underwater school scene. Using small construction paper fish to make one large school of fish with Swimmy as the eye. They worked peacefully together glueing and decorating their own Swimmy scene! And then of course...Fish Pose!

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