Friday, May 6, 2011

We All Have a Story

We all have a story...and believe it or not, so do our children. Our stories start from the moment we are born and are forever developing as we move down this path called life. The article below is from one of my teachers, Jennifer Cohen Harper - founder of Little Flower Yoga, who so eloquently reminds us to embrace the child you are teaching no matter what story the child comes with and how doing so can make a world of a difference to that child.

"As we come to the end of Autism awareness month, I am very aware of all the information and advice that has been swirling around the children’s yoga world talking about how to support students on the spectrum. There has been some really wonderful sharing happening, but I want to take a moment to remind us as a community of how important it is to embrace every child as an individual. See the soul and not the story, as Seane Corn often says.

In my work with many different children, I have seen how easy it can be to start thinking “this kid has such and such disorder so I’m going to do this with him” or “I can’t do that with this child since she has a developmental delay”. We do, of course, have to be aware of the challenges our students face, and adjust our plans and our expectations accordingly, but often I think we can fall into a trap of habitually teaching to the disorder. This limits our creativity and our ability to show the child all that is possible.

In my teaching I always try to remember that all children have special needs, not just the one’s whose needs are most visible. Children’s challenges, whether they are physical, mental or emotional, are part of what make them who they are, but they are not the only part..."

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