Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Create Peace Project

It started in a Sunday morning Alluem Kids class with a talk about how we can spread peace in the world. One of my 9 year old students said to the class, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could tell kids in other countries how we are peaceful and then they could be peaceful, too...after all it starts with one person, right Miss Karen? Why not us?" So right. I started researching online for a program that could make this possible...and I found the Create Peace Project.
So last November the Alluem Kids participated in the India 2011 Peace Exchange. The Peace Exchange is an international exchange of art and messages of peace between students of the world. The Peace Exchange uses peace cards (6 x8 inch postcards) to foster connect and spread peace. By first engaging students in the practices of peace and then asking them to share themselves, their creativity, their wisdom, and their heart, this project connects students to each other, their classrooms, their schools, and across continents as we bridge cultural, religious, and racial boundaries to inspire and enrich the lives of all participants.
In late February a team of three departed for a 3 month trip to India to complete the second half of the 2010/2011 Peace Exchange. Ross Holzman, along with Tara Shorey and Heather Wakefield travelled to India delivering Peace Exchange workshops and delivering peace postcards from approximately 8,000 students in the U.S. and Uganda. This is the second year of this international art for peace project that has brought them on an amazing journey through North and South India to work with a diverse cross-section of the cultural, religious, and socio-economic Indian population.
Today I am happy to announce, the Peace Cards from India have arrived at Alluem Yoga!!! The cards came from an all girl private school in Delhi, India - each with a message of peace, hope, and love. I love that this program is made possible thanks to the good heart of Ross Holzman. Thank you, Ross. Namaste.

To find out how you or your school can participate in the 2012 Peace Exchange, visit: http://www.createpeaceproject.org/current-projects/the-peace-exchange/

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