Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring...or make your own!

First day of Spring and,'s kind of rainy and gloomy on the east coast. Some of us even saw snow this morning. What do we do when we can't find the sunshine, green grass, and bright colorful flowers?? Inspired by the book, Rose's Garden, the Alluem Kids, for one, make their own! Rose's Garden by Peter H Reynolds is an inspirational tale dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. After collecting seeds from her travels around the world, she finds a small patch of land in a big city that she decided could use some color. Planting her seeds, she waits patiently through the rain, cold, and snow...never doubting that the beautiful garden she envisioned would one day come to be. Word spread through the city of Rose's faith in her garden and children from around the world began arriving to her garden with handmade flowers each with their own story. Filling her garden with love and handmade flowers, with time and because everyone believed in Rose's garden, real flowers began sprouting up!
This book truly "celebrates the spirit of community, the beauty of nature, and the power of faith and imagination". The Alluem Kids loved it. We took this chance to not only practice out Flower Pose, but to also make our own paper flowers with hopes of brightening up this chilly rainy first day of Spring! Using every bright color we could find! Imagining what our own garden of flowers would look like! Because when you can't find it out in the mud, you must make your own inspiration!

Cut a paper flower for a base. Using glue and balled up tissue paper, create your own Spring! And here the youngest child can develop fine motor skills by tearing, balling up and gluing the tissue paper to the flower pattern strengthening their hand coordination! Namaste.


  1. Karen, thank you for your inspired kids yoga ideas. When planning kids camps and classes, your blog is always my first stop!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I'm happy to share!!! Keep spreading the love!