Saturday, March 19, 2011

You are nice.

Today I was asked, "Do only nice people do yoga or does yoga make you nice? You yoga people are all so nice!" It made me smile. There sure are a lot of nice people in our yoga community at Alluem, not to mention a TON of nice people practicing and teaching yoga around the world. Maybe nice people are drawn to the practice. Or maybe yoga does make you nice. I thought about this...when you walk into a studio there is that certain feeling of peace and calm. The air feels warm and it just smells good. When you roll out your mat, it is familiar and comfortable. You know here you are accepted for who you are in your body today. What happens before you arrived, does not matter. What you're going to do later, does not matter. All that matters is that moment. It's a nice feeling. When you practice, you move, you stretch, you breathe - moving slow and listening to your body. No need to rush, no need to push. Taking time to just be.
My response to the original question, "Yoga is more then poses and exercise. Yoga is a way of life. Listening to your body and treating yourself with love and respect keeps you happy. Treating others, as well as animals and our earth, with that same love and respect is what makes those around us happy. When we live in a happier world there is more peace and less stress which I believe makes us 'nice people'."

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