Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky for Yoga!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The day to wear green! The day to eat soda bread! The day to search for rainbows and pots of gold! And at Alluem Kids - the day to think of what we are lucky to have in our lives. Going beyond the insignificant material goods - the Wiis, the iPod Touches, the HD TVs - we realize these things are not the things we are lucky to have. We come to our mats today to think of what's really important in our lives. Our friends, our families, the rooves over our heads, the beds we sleep in, the food on the table. And at this time as we are bombarded with heart breaking images of the recent tragedy in Japan, we may feel even more "lucky", or should I say greatful, to be where we are today. We have homes that are still standing. We know our immediate family members are safe. We don't have to wait for hours in a line of people knowing that that small bowl of rice will be the only food we will have all day. We don't have to worry about radiation poisoning. We are truly "lucky".
I, for one, feel truly lucky to have Alluem Yoga in my life and to be surrounded by such amazing groups of children that make up the Alluem Kids program! Each student that walks through the doors of this studio is a gift and I feel lucky to know each one of them. I am lucky for this life.

Here are some of the things the Alluem Kids feel lucky to have in their lives:
- "My home"
- "My family"
- "The best parents ever"
- "My dog"
- "My legs - some people don't have legs"
- "Trees - for oxygen"
- "Love in my life"
- "The sun"
- "Food"
- "People who care about me"
- "Yoga"
- "Life"

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