Monday, July 12, 2010

Yoga 4 Kids: The Board Game

Yoga 4 Kids: In the Rainforest!!! I was so excited upon finding this game - and the Alluem Kids were equally thrilled to be playing such a unique board game! Marita Gardner Anopol, kids yoga instructor and creator of the Yoga 4 Kids board game, did an awesome job at pulling together a creative and unique custom art board game to bring yoga to children.
"Follow Yoga, Oscar, Grace, and Alex through the rainforest in the fun new Yoga 4 Kids Board Game. Roll the dices to see where you land on the trail, and follow the directions further into the rainforest or into a new yoga pose. Each card in the game has detailed instructions on how to perform a specific yoga pose, and how the pose benefits mind and body."
What I love most about the game is that there is only one game piece. The players move through the game as a unit, moving the one piece from the starting line, through the rainforest, to the end - Savasana. It was a perfect opportunity to teach a lesson on how we - the kids in the class, the Alluem community, every American, the entire human race - are one. We are on this path called life together, no one more important than the other, all here to help one another.
I love this game!


  1. it sounds like a very inspiring game. I like that everyone works as a team - helping one another. So creative!

  2. It was great and the kids loved it!!!

  3. Cool too that no one WINS. They all do!