Monday, July 26, 2010

Amy's Light by Robert Nutt

"It's amazing what you find inside by looking outside."
Inspired by a yard filled of fireflies during a summer night's walk...Robert Nutt has created an amazing book written to spark the light in us all, Amy's Light. Robert's daughter Amy, who is so beautifully portrayed through his photo-illustrations, has become frightened by the shadows on the wall of her bedroom. When she sees a flicker of light coming from her own yard, she is filled with hope! When Amy learns about the light, she also learns a lot about herself.
Amy's Light was the inspiration for the Alluem Kids Little Kid Class this weekend. The kids were completely captivated by this book and were excited to work on their Firefly Jar pictures. They filled (drew) their jars with what brings them light in their lives...what makes them smile...what makes them feel safe and warm. Family, pets, hearts, and...night-lights (some took it a little more literal :). We then of course practiced our Firefly poses!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful class. Have always loved fireflies and love connecting books with kids yoga classes. Check out my latest connection with Put Me in the Zoo.

  2. Donna - I'm not even joking when I tell you I just took Put Me in the Zoo out of my attic this week to use in class!!!! Soooo funny! I found all these "Spot" games that I thought would make a great class with the book!! Will see how it goes and then post the lesson!

  3. Sounds sweet - now I'm curious how you do Firefly pose!

  4. You may know it as Tittibhasana:
    I found a great modification for kids just learning the pose is to sit on a bolster, place your hands on the ground on the insides of the legs, and then extend the legs while sitting on the bolster. This is good until they build their strength of course and can hold themselves up.

  5. Thanks Karen. Wow - Firefly is not a pose I've ever done in Kundalini Yoga! The kids must feel great when they build up the strength to do it.