Friday, July 16, 2010

Bubble Fun

Bubbles are a staple of summertime fun. Give a child a bottle of bubbles...endless fun. Luckily bubbles also serve as a great tool for teaching deep breathing. Taking a deep inhale and a slow exhale through the wand is the way to form the perfect bubble. This week for Poolside Yoga at the Cranford Swim Club, we broke out the bubbles...taking long peaceful breaths filling our space with bubbles.
As the class came to the end it was time for savasana. Savasana is the last and most important pose of a yoga class - total relaxation. Arms fall to your sides. Legs relax completely. This is also a good time to check in with your body. See how you are feeling after an asana practice. I usually remind the kids to do a body scan checking in with each muscle from feet to head. And then quiet the mind and relax the body. Put those two things together and what do you get...
Bubble Savasana!
The kids LOVED it! As they laid back relaxing on this hot summer day, I showered the kids with bubbles. Eyes shut tight, their faces held ear to ear smiles as bubbles fell all over them. What a great end to a wonderful summer class!

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