Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Believe in You Remix

Because you're never too young to follow your dreams...MattyB is 7 years old and since he was 5 years old he has wanted to be a dancer and singer. His big cousin Marshall Manning aka "Mars," is 22 years old and is a very close family member. Mars is a great influence on MattyB because his music is Clean with Responsible lyrics that do not promote inappropriate content for children. Since Mars has been writing and recording Rap music, MattyB often memorizes Mars Lyrics and sings along. Recently MattyB has begun to persistently write down his own lyrics and request that Mars put him on YouTube. MattyB has a real love for Rap and wants to share this with the world. Mars is helping little MattyB accomplish his goals to create music and share it with others.
I had to share!!

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