Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss would've been celebrating his 108 Birthday today! In honor of his birthday, 108 Sun Salutations!! Who's in??
In yesterday's article in the Huffington Post, author of The Mindful Child, Susan Kaiser Greenland writes:
"Dr. Seuss has demonstrated time and time again that, when it comes to teaching abstract concepts to children, it's OK to set the bar high. Tomorrow marks his 108th birthday and his books have informed my work in ways that I doubt he could have imagined. In his unique and playful style, Dr. Seuss translated big ideas, ones that adults often struggle to grasp, into language that even young children can understand. For instance, in one of his most famous books Oh... the Places You Will Go, Dr. Seuss articulated two key, universal concepts quite simply: That suffering is part of life with "I'm sorry to say so / but, sadly, it's true / that Bang-ups / and Hang-ups / can happen to you;" and that a moderate or middle approach to almost everything tends to be a good idea with "Be sure when you step. / Step with care and great tact / and remember that Life's / a Great Balancing Act."
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