Sunday, March 18, 2012

8 Limbs of Yoga in Review!

We did it! We learned the 8 Limbs of Yoga in 8 weeks!
My favorite Limb of Yoga is:
"Pranayama - sometimes I get very nervous and if I do slow deep breaths it makes me feel calm and relaxed." - age 10
"Asana - the poses are what bring out my flexibility." - age 12
"Pratyahara - we use our 5 senses all the time so it's good to slow down and be aware of them one at a time." - age 10
"Niyamas - I like to know that I care for myself." - age 10
"Asana - I like bending myself into yummy pretzels." - age 10
"Pranayama - breathing is very important." - age 7
"Yamas - I like to care about people and have awareness" - age 9
"Dyhana - it helps me calm down and clear my mind. This way I can concentrate on my school work, falling alseep, etc. without any worries or concerns." - age 11

If you could make a 9th Limb of Yoga, what would it be?:
"Wallianah - making change in the world one person at a time." - age 10
"Denyana - helping the poor and others who do not have a lot of food or money." - age 11
"Aelmanieana - giving back to the community." - age 11
"Namasteana - helping people in need." - age 9
"Mooseyathara - to be aware of the people who care for you." - age 10
"Miayamas - levitating." - age 10
"Funayama - having fun all the time no matter what." - age 10
"Briyama - finding your limits." - age 12
"Yasana - being yourself." - age 8
"Latepian - trust in everyone and trust in yourself." - age 10
"Chlonayama - thinking of others." - age 10


  1. Awesome series on the 8 limbs! I enjoyed following it! Congrats to the students! ॐ नमः शिवाय

  2. Thank you! It was so sweet to see the kids come in excited each week to see what the next limb was going to be!