Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Giving - Day 10 - SoapBox

Much like our friends at Toms, SoapBox is doing a one for one project that is saving lives. SoapBox works to save children suffering from pneumonia, rotavirus and cholera due to unsanitary living conditions. They've reached out to several US cities, as well as several international aid organizations.
"When you buy a bar of our soap, we send a companion bar to a child in need. Our aid soap doesn’t look or smell like the soap that you buy. The bars of soap we donate are a mission-specific formula which is different than the bar we sell to retail customers. This is because the soap we send around the world has to be formulated for all types of temperatures, humidity levels, storage conditions, and water properties. Our mission-specific soap formula is specially designed to be gentle on all skin types (similar to baby soap), particularly for people who may have never used soap before. Despite the differences between our retail bar and our relief bar, the relief bar is still made with all natural ingredients, is glycerin based, and is of the same high quality as the bars we sell online and in stores."

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