Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Hands Will Help

January 12th was a very important day for Alluem Yoga. Marking the 1 year anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, we were so thankful to see many faces of the Cranford community come out on this day to show their support. Over $1,300 dollars were raised on this day to help bring Gina even closer to her goal of $20,000 for Off the Mat Into the World's Global Seva Challenge. Once her goal is met by Feb. 2012, she will travel to Haiti to provide emergency relief services such as food, water, and shelter, as well as working with select partners who are actively building sustainable projects and communities in Haiti. We meditated and journaled fireside outside by the river, danced through asana on our mats, reflected by candlelight, left our mark through hand and foot prints on prayer flags that will later travel to Haiti with Gina.
We can not thank everyone enough for coming out on this snowy day to remember, support, and honor the many who are still without homes, schools, and live with very very little. Thank you most of all for the Alluem Kids who came out to dedicate their practice to the children in Haiti. With heart opening poses, deep breathing, and a singing bowl meditation we pray that the children, the future of Haiti, continue to hold onto HOPE. With this HOPE combined with strength and courage, the people of Haiti will have a brighter future. Namaste.

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