Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Help from the Students of Brookside

When a child learns to give, the child learns to be grateful.
When a child learns to empathize, the child learns to appreciate.
When a child learns compassion, the child learns love.
When a child learns to think globally, the child learns endless possibilities.
Children want to make a difference in the world and Mrs. Scholz's 5th grade class is doing just that. The children were given a lesson on China by one of the students' father, Thomas Berry.
"On my many trips to Hong Kong and mainland China (Shanghai), I pick up various denominations of currency. I was planning to incorporate this colorful aspect of Asian culture into my presentation. When I did my presentation on China, I gave the kids a homework assignment. Each kid received a piece of currency ranging from 50 Hong Kong Dollars to 5000 Yuan. They were told to convert it to US Dollars, for which they had the necessary rate of exchange. Next, I told them that the class would total up the individual amounts for each student and I would donate that amount to the charity of their choosing. They of course choose Haiti."
After calculating the conversion, the children then collectively decided (in the traditional "Heads Down Thumbs Up" fashion) on where they would donate the money that was collected from the assignment. The children picked Alluem Yoga's Off the Mat into the World Global Seva Challenge - Haiti 2012. Several of the students who attend Alluem Kid's Yoga classes knew of the fundraiser that has been going on since the end of last year. The children know how important this cause is to Gina, who will be travelling to Haiti once her $20,000 goal is reached by February 2012. Even a year after the devastating earthquake, the people of Haiti still need our help. The children of Brookside School have taken part in becoming that help. They chose to donate the $466.20 dollars to this cause (and the Student Council donated an additional $500 to the cause!). While accepting the donation, Gina and I, were truly touched by the love that filled the classroom this day. Through giving, our hearts grow stronger.

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