Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Storytime Yoga

Once upon a time...there was an old red mill perched on the river next to a little waterfall. The mill was a deep, vibrant red with huge windows letting in the beautiful natural sunlight. Outside the mill was a family of ducks and one small turtle splashing in the cool water under a clear blue sky. Inside the mill were children moving as children move, taking in deep fresh breaths of air, and listening to the sounds of nature surrounding them. They played games, they read stories, they created works of art, and they practiced yoga. They enjoyed life in the moment just being kids...
Bring your child to Storytime Yoga every Thursday from 1:30-2pm! Enjoy a story together and make reading come alive as we move and stretch while we read and learn!
All ages welcome! Kids under 4 must be accompanied by an adult. ($5 per child)


  1. Really!?!? I want to go!! Is 8 3/4 months old too young?? She loves stories, kids, stretching, playing, and taking deep breaths......

  2. 8 3/4 months is perfect!!!! Can't wait to have you there!!!!