Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easing into Back to School

Have you ever been to Staples the day before school starts? I walked in and quickly made a mental note - never visit a stationery supply store the on this day again! Kids and their parents were hustling and gathering school supplies to ready themselves for the year ahead. They just had to dash through the pencil aisle, dodge the tumbling stacks of notebooks, and get through the line that wrapped half way through the store! Whoa! The look on some of the parent's and kid's faces made me want to make a sign with the available poster board that read: Free Hugs. Poor guys.
Back to School time is often a stressful time. Getting the children out of the summer mode and getting them psyched for the year of learning that is ahead of them may be a task in itself for some. Not to mention gathering the correct school supplies and clothes, packing lunches, carting them to and fro keeping to the schedule! Again, whoa!
Some of my fellow children's yoga bloggers have compiled some nice tips for Back to School:
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How Yoga Can Help of Your Kids Drop Out of School and Join the Circus - Young Yoga Masters
Take it slow, breathe, and enjoy the year!! Namaste!

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog post. It has been a fun week getting to see the kids again. In one daycare I teach yoga at there are a lot of young kids making the adjustment to daycare. Which means a lot of non-stop crying. Coming in to do the yoga, especially the songs, helped them out a lot.

    Hope you're having a good back to school too. I'll be sure to stay out of Staples for a week or so.