Friday, August 20, 2010

Reserve your Hoop today!!!

Join Karen and the Alluem Kids for a fun-filled Hoop Yoga Workshop!
This Sunday, August 22nd - 4-5:30pm!!!
Hula Hooping is a great tool for connecting with your body, which is what we strive to do in yoga! Grounding your feet into the earth for stability, being mindful of your surroundings, utilizing core strength, and feeling the hoop rotate the circumference of your body - all aids in achieving body awareness. And what better way to teach a child about body awareness then through play!
Ages 7-12
Hoops will be provided!
RSVP is appreciated at under the workshops tab!


  1. This looks like a blast and a great tool, to boot. I am a kids yoga teacher and would appreciate any info you are willing to share about teaching with the hoop. Poses, etc?


  2. Hi Cheryl! You can read my full article at!
    Hope you can use some of the activities in your class!!