Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Sun

School's out! Summer is here!! The Alluem Kids welcomed the summer sun with open arms and open hearts today! There was no better way to start a class dedicated to the sun then with the Ha Kriya. In saknskrit, Ha means "sun" and "Kriya" means action. The sun gives us energy. The Ha Kriya stimulates our inner sun and gives us energy. Standing with feet a little more then hip width apart, knees slightly bent, arms slightly bent at the elbows by your waist - inhale and imagine reaching the right hand up for a piece of the sun. When you get it, grab it and pull it in quick! Imagine the sun that you pulled in is so strong and powerful that it makes you exhale the sound "Ha!"! Repeat on the left side alternating arms going faster and faster! Allow the sun to energize you! (I usually let the kids "Ha!" over and over until they fall over with smiles on their faces!)
For children, transitioning into the summer months can be like eating a pound of sugar - it's really good, gets you hyper, and crash. It's a sensitive of moving from structure and repetition to what can be very lazy days. One way to help your child ease into the summer is to have them set intentions. The Alluem Kids and I talked about intentions today in class. It's very common to walk into a yoga class and hear the instructor ask the students to set an intention for your practice. The intention can be for a loved one or for yourself. It could be for strength, for gratitude, for happiness, or for health. It could be for a goal you have set or a dream you want to reach. The possibilities for intentions are endless.
I had the children set some Summer Intentions. From finding some time to relax to spending quality time with the family. From reading 20 books to working on their math skills. From mastering their headstands to working on their meditation practice. After class I came across a great post from Donna Freeman at She has listed 54 Fun Family for Summer Yoga Style! My favorite may just be #44!!!!

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