Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sing Yoga

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This past Sunday after a wonderful Flow Donation Based class with Clarissa Alliano, Alluem Families joined their voices with Sing Yoga for a family kirtan. With the beautifully talented lead, Nancy Corrigan, Sing Yoga of Staten Island, is an all ages folk-chant sing-a-long musical project designed to raise money for the Bal Ashram Orphanage. The Bal Ashram is a safe home for children who have no means to further their lives. They are provided with love and care, yoga, meditation, and an education. At these donation based events, Sing Yoga raises money for the abandoned children of the ashram in Varanasi, India so that the children will one day be able to thrive. Baba Harihar Ramji (Babaji), Guru of the SonoMa Ashram in Sonoma, CA, envisioned this safe place as an inspiration for many - not only the children themselves, but also the surrounding communities, as well as the yoga communities abroad. People from all over the globe have visited the ashram to support, share their talents and gifts, and simply practice seva. People such as Sing Yoga and the Alluem Families that came out to the studio this past Sunday, are also able to practice seva from their own home towns thanks to Babaji. We have been touched by his mission, his teachings, and his kind heart.
Along with the money raised this weekend, Alluem Yoga will be sending the children of the Ashram drawings and mandalas (being created in the picture below) as well as a generous donation of 55 new picture books from Barnes & Noble to help build the library of the ashram. The Alluem Kids were inspired by the bright faces of the children's pictures they were shown and learned of their culture by hearing what a day in the life of an ashram child is like - from waking up at 4am to meditate to going to school and playing games just like themselves. And while the Bal Ashram is a beautiful, safe, and nurturing environment, all realized how lucky they are to have families and home to call their own. One of the 4 yr old's main concern - "Do the children had enough food to eat?" Their hearts are huge.
Thank you, Sing Yoga, for bringing us the gift of sound, togetherness, love, and light. And thank you to all the families who came out to support. Your generous offerings are ever so appreciated. Blessings to you all!

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