Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yoga Toes

Just for fun...Little Miss Matched!
"Nothing matches, but anything goes!"
Yoga is more fun with Yoga Toe Socks!

Favors for our birthday parties at Alluem Kids are always changing. Our most recent favors were Toe Socks by Little Miss Matched. The girls loved them! They're fun to look at and they break the rules - they don't match! Makes folding laundry a lot easier, too. I've just discovered tons of cool activities for kids on their website that are worth checking out and that I just may use in some of my classes...Eye-Catching Eye Pillows (great for Savasana)...Dream Catchers...or even design your own socks, pjs, or bedding to keep the creativity flowing in your kid! Oh, and you must check out the KnitWits...they would make great Breathing Buddies (stuffed animal or toy to place on your child's stomach during reclined deep breathing exercises - watch your buddy get a ride as you inhale and exhale)! I heart Little Miss Matched!

1 comment:

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