Monday, January 18, 2010

Now that's Family Yoga!

Sunbathing on a Rock, Standing on a Chair, Bicycle Built for 2, Walking through the Clouds, and Triple's what every Family Yoga Class should be!
Just as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt that one day all people young and old would live together in peace and harmony, it was my hopes today that the families in class would come together as a unit to strengthen their bonds through yoga. Yoga with your family is a very rewarding practice designed to get you moving while spending quality time with your kids. It gives you a chance to guide your child with compassion and it gives your child a chance to remind you how to play! We had a great time today!


  1. We can't wait to take a family class with our Aunt Karen!!!!! It looks like an AMAZING experience.

  2. You should totally move to NJ!!!