Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sing Your Own Song

I found a great reading for tomorrow's class by Ashley Rice. She has some great inspirational books for kids that are definitely worth checking out. Her positive messages are full of encouragement!
This one is called "Sing Your Own Song":
Wherever you are is the place you're in.
It's the way things are. It's where you're standing right now.
You're learning to follow your own bright star.
And even if things seems a little strange to you now,
you'll work your way through it somehow.
Just take a little step, reach out further,
get a little closer to the place you belong.
In your own skin, in your own way...
you're singing your own song.
To see more of Ashley's work, visit her website:
You can also purchase her product designs that she has created for Blue Mountain Arts:

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