Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Candle Meditation

I subbed for the Alluem Teen Class tonight and I thought I would share the closing Candle Meditation that I used in class...
"Come to sit in a circle. Everyone take a candle. I want to take a moment to again focus on your intention you set in the beginning of class. The actions you take day today and the intentions you set directly affect the people in your life, which in turn affect the people in their lives. As a result, the actions you take in life can really impact many people – more than you will essentially ever know. Imagine the candle you hold is your intention. As your candle is lit, turn to your neighbor to light theirs. An intention starts with one light, one flame. No matter how big or how small, no matter how personal or how global the intention is…it all starts with one light. With one light you can truly reach the edges of the world. When your candle is lit place it in front of you. Place your hands face up on your knees, open to receive. Focus on your intention and gaze at the light of the candle in front of you. The light in front of you is your intention. It is your light just for you. Inhale deeply to the count of three. Exhale fully to the count of three. Now gently lift your eyes to the candle in the center of the circle. Know that the light from each of your candles lit the candle that has become a light for all of us. Know that the intentions you each set now affect everyone in this room and everyone you come in contact with in this coming New Year. Gaze at the flame and know this the powerful light lies within each one of you. You are all strong and bright individuals who have the ability to do great things in this world. Carry that knowledge in your heart and keep the light shining forever bright inside of you. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply to the count of three. And exhale fully to the count of three."

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  1. Wow what an amazing post. Really thankful to you for sharing this candle meditation techniques kind of knowledge with us.