Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Finding Stillness

Happy New Year! Hoping you all had a great holiday season! My back surgery went really well...I'm slowly making my way back to the mat! I have a follow up appointment coming up to see how the fusion is going, so I am still taking it easy with limited mobility. It is quiet humbling to be in a body that is so limited after being so able for so long. It is a lesson indeed to slow down and notice the ease so many of us have in doing the things we so often take for granted. Meditation has played a huge roll in my recovery in dealing with the pain as well as helping me fall asleep. Meditation has been my yoga...after all, it is so much more then just the poses.
I'm looking forward to integrating more of the meditation piece into the kid's classes! As I slowly learn to move again in PT, I'll be holding a 3 Week Mindfulness & Meditation Series for the kids starting next week!

Through practices of mindfulness and meditation children build inner and outer awareness, compassion and kindness towards others, social and emotional skills, as well as relaxation techniques. There will be very little asana (yoga poses) in this class as it is a class designed to move into a place of stillness and calm...of course in a kid friendly way!

The regular 8 week Kid's Yoga Session will begin the week of February 22nd.
For my kiddies that recently turned 13 (holy moly!!) or my 12 year olds that want to move up, the new Teen Session starts TOMORROW - every Wednesday from 4:45-5:45pm.

You can register for any or all of these classes right online:


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  2. Meditation for kids, WOW really a healthy kit for the betterment of our kids. Thanks for these healthy tips.