Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paper Cranes of Cranford

Off the Mat Kids are on a mission to spread loving kindness starting in their home town of Cranford, NJ! Throughout Asia cranes have been a symbol of hope and peace. In Japan, China, and Korea, cranes stand for good fortune and longevity because of its amazing life span of a thousand years. Over time, the crane has become a favorite subject of the traditional paper folding know as origami. It is said that 1,000 folded cranes for each year of a person's life makes their wish comes true. 

Shortly after World War II, the folded origami crane also came to symbolize a hope for peace through Sadako Sasaki, a young girl stricken with leukemia after being exposed by radiation after the bombing of Hiroshima. Sadako was determined to make 1,000 paper cranes with the intention set for good health, happiness, and a world of eternal peace. While she only completed 644 before she died, her classmates graciously finished the rest. Today this practice of folding 1,000 paper cranes represents a gesture of peace, hope, and a healing for the self or the world. 

The first 5 cranes were released in the Cranford Public Library. The kids have 15 more they'll be releasing this weekend, each with a positive message! If you're visiting this page, you may have found a paper crane made by the Off the Mat Kids! Our hopes are that this crane made you smile and maybe brightened your day in some way. It's a small act of kindness from our hearts to yours. Let us know if you found one by leaving a comment or by emailing The OTM (Off the Mat) Kids and I would love to know! What would be even greater is if you passed the crane on, placing it somewhere else for another person to find. Take it with you beyond the borders of Cranford. Take it on vacation with you! Leave it where someone else can find it and perhaps feel that same inspiration and love.

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