Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Global Mala

This past weekend, Global Mala events swept the globe! Yogis gathered in places nationally such as Newark, the Jersey Shore, NYC, Scottsdale, San Jose, Hawaii - as well as internationally in places such as South Africa and Japan - all with one goal in mind...PEACE. These yogis practiced in large groups all doing 108 Sun Salutations - linking movement and breath. When we practice yoga we find a sense of peace and relaxation of body and mind.
I like to think of Global Mala as a wave of peace...meaning, peace starts with one person. YOU. Being peaceful to those around us, encourages them to be peaceful to people around them, in turn causing those people to be peaceful around even more people, and so on and so on. Creating a wave of peace, and in this case, through yoga...starting on our mats.

For the Alluem Kids this week, we have been practicing for peace as well! We did not dive into 108 Sun Salutations, but we did challenge ourselves to do 8 basic Sun Salutations! Each one was dedicated to sending peace out to all the different people in our lives:

1 - For our Parents - for life, for love, for protection

2 - For our Sibilings - knowing they will always be with us

3 - For our Grandparents - for their heritage and wisdom

4 - For our Best Friend - for neverending laughter, love, and joy

5 - For our Worst Friend - even they need peace, afterall we each have a story

6 - For our Favorite Teacher/Coach - may they bring us knowledge and strength

7 - For our Classmates - may we all grow together

8 - For our Town - with Community we stand strong

The kids all moved with grace and strength when intention was placed behind each movement. So proud of them! A much needed Restorative pose was waiting for them at the end!

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