Saturday, August 6, 2011

Off the Mat Tank Top

Off the Mat Into the World tank tops are in! Designed by *me*!

$28 - 100% of the proceeds go to the Global Seva Challenge This year's Global Seva Challenge is for Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. As of September 2010, there are over 1 million refugees still living in tents without access to water, food and health care. Working with select aid organizations that have been engaged in Haiti for many years, OTM will respond to both critical needs and also work to create and implement long term solutions. In addition, OTM offers trainings that empower local individuals and communities to become sustainably self sufficient. Upon reaching the fundraising goal of $20,000, our owner and founder, Gina, will embark on the Bare Witness Tour, a journey to Haiti where she will spend two weeks working directly with the organizations your funds support. The tank top proudly displays the Haitian national slogan "Unity Makes Strength". This slogan holds true not only for the people of Haiti, but also for the people of the Alluem community. Our community of yogis who have come together over the 9 months, have already raised $14,000 for Haiti! We are blessed to be so supported by such amazing people. The tank top also displays "Love" in every language, which is all we have felt from this community and is what we will bring to the people of Haiti. Thank you for your endless support! Stop by the studio for your tank or order one today (sm-xl)! Email! Please make checks payable to The Engage Network (add $5 for shipping).

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