Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Your World

Yoga is not just about the body and the poses that we do on our mats. Yoga is about giving back - to ourselves, to each other and to the earth. This makes Earth Day a very special holiday to celebrate! There are so many ways we can give back to the earth and they can be explored in the book Love Your World. Raising eco-awareness in our smallest yogis is crucial if we want to see a bright future for them. They can actually be the ones that make the change! Try a game of Toe-ga with a twist! A cup as our trash cans and pom-poms as our trash - red for cans, blue for bottles, white for paper, and green for food scraps. After we collected all the trash and it was time to sort and recycle!!! Cans and bottles and can be recycled into new cans and bottles or cleaned and used creatively around the house or as art projects! Paper can reused as scrap or turned into new paper! Food scraps can be turned into compost and used in our gardens to grow more food! Development bonus: sorting is good for cognitive and motor development! Here are some more great books on recycling!: Don't Throw That Away by Lara Bergen and Hey, That's Not Trash! by Renee Jablow

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