Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why I Practice Yoga...

On the first day of the Winter Session, I prompted a journaling question for the Alluem Kids to reflect on..."Why do you practice Yoga?" Everyone comes to the mat for different reasons. I was curious to see why some of the Alluem kids do!
Here are few responses that really put a smile on my face!:

-"I come to build strength and to get some time to relax. I also come to yoga because it makes me happy and if I'm frustrated about school it calms me down. Alluem rocks and is full of many new adventures and friends!" age 11

- "School is hard and yoga is relaxing. If I had a hard day at school, yoga helps cheer me up and calm me down." age 10

-"I come to yoga because I need peace and love. I also like being around people who care. We are thankful to have yoga!" age 10

-"I practice yoga to help me relax and to help me fall asleep. It really calms me down if I had a bad day." age 9

-"Yoga helps me get strong and it exercises my mind." age 10

- "I realize the light in my heart and in my soul. It makes me strong and helps me realize who I am." age 10

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