Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scarecrow Pose

Scarey Crow Poser
Moha Shanti Hay
Samadhi Strawdude
These were just some of the names submitted by our students here at Alluem in search of a name for our studio's Scarecrow for Cranford's Scarecrow Competition. So funny! Final decision was just to go with "Peace, Love, & Yoga".
He came together today with the help of one of our amazingly talented students, Suzy. So creative! I mean, look at the hand stitched face! And if you could see the toes...just like the foot of a Cabage Patch Kid - love it!!!
You can find our Scarecrow on Walnut Ave. in Cranford in front of Cafe Paris. Ommmmm. :)

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