Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hooray for You!

The final classes of the sessions are always a celebration! A celebration of "You-ness"! Kids love to have fun. Kids love to play and let go. And giving them the chance to do this is to give them the chance to be themselves! It's their "you-ness"! The Alluem Kids love a good Obstacle Course, which is exactly what we did this weekend! They moved through the Block Creek, to the Toe-Ga Mat, across the Balance Beam to the Tree Stand, heart rate up with the Jump Rope, heart rate down with the Breathing Ball, Crab Walk, Frog Jumps, Plow Ball Pass, Animal Card pick, and through the Downdog Tunnel! Phew!
Marianne Richmond says it best in her book, "Hooray for you! A Celebration of You-ness" - "You-ness" is something quite hard to describe, it's your style of being, your rhythm or vibe. It's the grand sum of you that sets you apart. Your body and brains plus your spirit and heart." Beautifully said! An empowering book for all ages!

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