Friday, February 25, 2011

Dare to Live Wide Open

Written by a true yogi, a true artist, and a true friend...she has inspired me to look deeper, to accept challenge...and to live wide open. Thank you, Brittany.
I challenge you
To be more loving
In the presence of a stranger
To live without judgement
To show empathy
In the presence of other's pain
To open your heart
So others can see you
I challenge you
To let go, to slow down,
And appreciate an inconvenience for its lesson
Or see beauty in the mundane
I challenge you
To be open to the possibility that anybody can inspire you
And that you can spark the fire in someone else
I challenge you
To believe anything you dream of can be possible
And that every single day is an opportunity
Most of all,
I challenge you to see the light in yourself
And once you do, find it in everything else

Be inspired. Visit her blog: Heart of a Yogi and her Etsy Shop

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