Friday, February 8, 2013

What you love will always be with you.

Happy Snow Day, friends! We love snow! Sledding, snow angels, fort making, snowballs! Endless fun! And it looks like there will be enough snow to make a new friend! Snowman making! But we all know snow doesn't last forever. Days pass by and what we create, starts to melt...even the amazing sculptures outside that home on Springfield Ave. in Cranford - I mean, have you seen these snow sculptures?! Holy cow!! But, inevitably, they melt and we must let go.
In prep for the expected blizzard this weekend, the Alluem Kids had a mini lesson on love and learning to let go. In "Making a Friend", Alison McGhee's heart warming story about a boy and his snowman friend, we learn that nothing that you open your heart to and care deeply for can ever disappear for good. "What you love will always be with you." You never forget your best snowman friend...he is with you in the spring fog, in the summer rain, in the fall frost, in a new winter’s snow—and always, always in your heart.
Spend some time with the ones you love. Take time to really BE with your family. Create some heart warming memories in the snow and take lots of pictures!! Snow-ga anyone??

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