Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Namaste, Taylor.

This is Taylor. Taylor is an 11 year old Alluem Kid. Always smiling, she is a light in the studio - exuding positive energy every time she steps onto her mat. Unfortunately, for the past 5 years Taylor has been fighting a rare auto-immune inflammatory disease called Dermatomyositis. It causes her to have muscle weakness and pain. Yoga is one of the best therapies for her - stretching and strengthening the muscles. Her favorite yoga pose is Cat and Cow, which warms up the spine.
This year will be Taylor's third year working with the Middlesex County Arthritis Walk Committee to raise AWARENESS & FUNDS needed to find a CURE. She could use your help! Taylor has a goal of raising $5,000. If you are able to donate, please visit her personal donor page by May 22nd to help her reach her goal. Any amount helps.:

In Taylor's words..."Not only am I taking medicine to help me manage this condition, but I am trying to help find a cure so that others don't have to suffer like I have. I refuse to let this stop me from growing up to be a beautiful, strong person."
Taylor, I believe NOTHING will ever stop you from becoming a beautiful, strong person! Namaste.

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